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My poor neglected blog.

It was such a nice day today I sat out on my porch and enjoyed Spring at its finest. I experienced a flash of inspiration and started to write. I suppose it could be described as poetry, which is not something I indulge in too frequently. I love poetry, but as a rule, only other people’s. Here goes:

I listened and I heard them

Your whispers on the wind.

I listened and I heard them

And took their meaning in.

From your words and through them

I came to comprehend

Your sadness, frustration, anger and sense of loss

Your arrogant self-belief, injury and insult

Your unedifying lustful spite, your desperation and despair.

Then comprehension’s grasp loosened

And your words again became as air

And from the East the wind

propelled them somewhere, anywhere

To fall as rain upon the earth

But not anyone who cares.

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