Big Name Pagans

Once upon a time I had to weather the indignity of appearing before a magistrate on false allegations because a certain puerile wannabe set about to disparage a BNP who then mistakenly attempted to acquire intervention orders against people who were not involved and also far better prepared to prove as much.

Except for the actual perpetrator who was named but could not be found to be served a summons.

It’s not a thing I’d like to re-live and in itself is a small matter now. But I feel it would be remiss to not draw attention to the fact that this same pretentious little git is now advertising himself as a “master” of all things incense related (quite the achievement after a couple of years on the job) amongst his considerable résumé, designed, one can only assume, to propel himself from the role of agent provocateur to Big Name Pagan.

Update: the individual in question, let’s call him “Gunnar” (because of his habit of starting things he is gonna finish one day) has an Etsy shop from which one can purchase the master’s wares! Tremendous excitement!


About des

Des is an Australian teacher, musician and writer.

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